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Drone technology provides endless practical uses to various industries. Hence, commercial drones’ customizability adds more functions and features that make it easier to understand, access, and operate. The ZenaDrone 1000 combines innovative software and robust hardware design. Its functionalities can streamline inspection and monitoring processes, save field technicians from hazardous work, reduce workforce and operational costs, automate and perform tasks efficiently, and complete tasks that may be difficult or impossible for humans to do.

While the commercial drone industry is still at its infancy stage, UAV manufacturing companies are racing to build out, conduct flight missions, and prove their drone uses to conform to current and long-term regulations. The ZenaDrone 1000 has successfully conducted flight tests and aerial surveillance on hemp farm plantations in Ireland.

ZenaDrone 1000 Total Autonomous Drone Surveillance, Inspection, and Monitoring Solution

It comprises innovative software technology and compact hardware components designed for industrial uses in construction, agriculture, surveillance, search and rescue, environmental inspection, and customizable functionalities.

Autonomous Aerial Surveillance

Smart Multispectral Sensors

Intelligent Flight Modes


4K Videos

Stabilized Camera

4K Videos

Smart Multispectral Sensors

Intelligent Flight Modes

Stabilized Camera

Long-Lasting Battery

Autonomous Aerial Surveillance

Drone Embodiments

ZenaDrone Hardware Components

The ZenaDrone 1000

ZenaDrone 1000 is an intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that incorporates machine learning software and artificial intelligence (AI). It was created to revolutionize the farming sector and later evolved into a multi-functional industrial smart drone. It aims to provide the public and private organizations with complete drone service solutions, especially in the Military and Police aerial scanning and surveillance operations.

ZenaDrone Industries

We can provide different sectors across industries with comprehensive set of drone services that perfectly suited to the organization’s business operations. We can customize the drone attachments and components to meet each company’s drone innovation specifications.

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Drone as a Service

You can rent the Zenadrone 1000 for its scanning and surveillance services. You can buy the drone, rent it for a period, or share the drone with your industry colleagues. Hence, you can also choose the frequency of flight tests and subscribe to our scanning solutions. Our drone engineers will assist you in capturing aerial footage and transferring these pieces of data to your company’s cloud storage or computer hardware. Contact us today and schedule a field scanning session.

ZenaDrone Features

Octocopter Drone

ZenaDrone has eight (8) propellers that provide greater lift, enable it to move faster, and allow greater stability while in the air.  

VTOL Flight Mode

ZenaDrone is capable of vertical take off and landing (VTOL), can hover steadily, and requires less horizontal space to launch.

Carbon Fiber Body

ZenaDrone’s frame, body, and mounting plates consist of robust composite carbon fiber for a durable drone.

Automatic Charging

ZenaDrone plant tracking technology uses a wireless charging pad that detects the source of power automatically.

Scanning and Detection

ZenaDrone can monitor, track, and scan objects, people, places, and animals using its multispectral sensors.

Extended Flight Time

ZenaDrone has a built-in and long-lasting battery for extended and uninterrupted flight time.

ZenaDrone Test Flight

The first production prototype of ZenaDrone while doing field testing.
The first test flight of the production prototype of ZenaDrone while doing field testing.
The successful mission flight test using ZenaDrone with integrated AI and machine learning software solution on field.

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