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Environmental and Workforce Safety in Mining Operations

The mining industry requires a lot of workforce and considerable investments to put safety and efficiency on top of everything. As modernity evolves, mining companies constantly search for technologies, devices, and strategies to reduce operational costs while improving productivity, reaching their goals, and ensuring worker safety.

ZenaDrone for Mine Safety

Modern innovations, such as high-quality, precise drone technology, can provide better solutions to substitute humans in performing dangerous tasks. It can help ensure that the areas are clear before blasting and roads in mine sites are safe and passable. Drones in mining can also assist in inspecting buildings and structures to avoid working at height.
This self-flying smart drone with intelligent multispectral sensors can detect hot spots in coal stockpiles in coal mines. It identifies combustible areas and allows the mine personnel to take preventive measures.

ZenaDrone for Mining Activities

ZenaDrone industrial drones are specially manufactured for mining industries too. It aids in conducting terrain mapping, surveying, inspection, security and surveillance, and stockpile estimation quickly and conveniently. Through aerial perspectives, it delivers sufficient data at a profit. Its built-in, fast-charging, and long-lasting Lithium Polymer battery lets it fly for extended periods, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficient data gathered and stored. Looking for a reliable UAV partner to start your mining project? Contact the ZenaDrone customer service team today!

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