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You may have seen fantastic aerial shots in popular movies and wondered how directors and videographers did it with dolly tracks, helicopters, or other fancy filming equipment. Those shots are the results of using drone technology. 


Drones occupy significant roles in many industries, including movie and television production in the film industry. While drones have been capturing stunning aerial shots for a long time, this is the first time they have been used to make more immersive movies for the people who watch them. Drones have allowed cinematographers to deliver a whole new perception of the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial filming.

Capturing Complicated Aerial Shots

More than ever, filmmakers use drone technology to capture footage that would be difficult without it. Drones can access isolated areas that are difficult for humans to traverse using basic equipment. Compared to traditional aerial filming such as renting expensive helicopters, drones are easy to set up and use. 


The use of drones is also cost-effective and more efficient in capturing complicated aerial shots. On the other hand, conventional cameras often only show points of interest and miss capturing surrounding landscapes. Drones can capture videos and pictures of the person or place of interest and their surroundings, ensuring that the entire view is part of the story.

Filming Wide-Angle and Vast Landscapes

Movie producers also use drones to film large landscapes, tell a story, and set up a film set. For example, drones grant the ability to reach isolated areas and capture a bird’s eye vantage point that even the most high-tech photography gear cannot capture. 


When a drone is two hundred feet in the air, it can take a steady shot. Capturing aerial footage was difficult to do until very recently with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles. Only a helicopter shot could have come close to the same quality and efficiency. Helicopters are too big and bulky making them unable to get into all the places that drones can or fly as low, not to mention the additional risks and costs associated with using them.

Recording High-Speed Motion

Drones can also be programmed to film high-speed chases, follow their subjects through busy streets, mountainous highways, or any other setting that would be difficult to film with another method. The kind of fluid, gliding sequences that drones can film allows filmmakers to push the boundaries of their work, making scenes that were once impossible to capture become a visual reality.

In the movie industry, drones like the ZenaDrone 1000 have given them the tools to make more interesting films that their viewers will love. The ZenaDrone 1000 has the following:


  • Durable Carbon Fiber Drone Body and Propeller Coating
  • Intelligent Flight Modes for Less Space Area
  • Stabilized Camera Imaging
  • High-Definition Camera
  • 4k Video Recording
  • Long-lasting Li-Po Battery for Extended Uninterrupted Flight Time 


With these drone technology capabilities, there is no doubt that the movie production industry can reach great heights. 

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