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Power Lines and Grids

Unmanned aircraft systems, like ZenaDrone 1000, have evolved to offer valuable capabilities to assist in inspecting power lines and streamlining its processes on site.

Advance Inspection Procedure

ZenaDrone 1000 has features to do thorough inspections, including checking for damage or wear and looking for potential problems. This helps identify issues before they become more significant problems and can help keep lines running safely and efficiently. 

Advance Inspection Procedure

ZenaDrone 1000 keeps a record of company assets and equipment. It helps ensure these types of machinery are well maintained and immediately when defects are detected. It allows direct inspection of components, making prioritizing repairs based on severity easier. 

Weather Monitoring

ZenaDrone 1000 can monitor the weather in areas with defective power lines. This informs field technicians of weather conditions and takes appropriate precautions before conducting field inspection, repair, and maintenance of power line cables and assemblies. 


ZenaDrone 1000 is highly mobile because of its size and lightweight construction. Powerlines are usually only found outdoors, but drones can easily be from location to location. This mobility is helpful because it helps ensure maintenance is completed more quickly and efficiently. 

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