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ZenaDrone 1000's Invites Drone Enthusiasts to its Official Launch in Ireland in June 2022

ZenaDrone, Inc is partnering with Haven Natural Skincare and the Swords Golf Club for its formal premiere on June 9, 2022, at the Swords Open Golf Club in Ireland. The official launching of the ZenaDrone 1000 will mark a huge milestone both in drone technology and the agricultural sector in Europe. 


Participants attending the launch will have the opportunity to meet the fantastic team behind ZenaDrone 1000 and the drone itself.


ZenaDrone Technology and Haven Natural Skincare

Haven Natural Skincare believes everyone deserves to feel their best but that this shouldn’t come at a high cost to people or the environment. Niamh developed Haven Natural Skincare to provide ethically sourced, organic wellness skincare products. 


Partnering with the ZenaDrone 1000 innovation gives them a competitive advantage in maximizing their business potential and obtaining direct access to industry-specific technology to capture and record accurate farm data.


ZenaDrone’s Contribution to Ireland’s Struggling Agri-Business

ZenaDrone wants to use robotics to help Ireland’s agricultural sector solve a labor deficit. According to data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), cereal production in Ireland fell by 16 percent between 2019 and 2020 due to labor constraints. Hence, according to Trading Economics, the number of persons employed in agriculture decreased from 5.8% of the population in 2012 to 4.48 percent in 2020.


Additionally, it will provide a much-needed answer to Ireland’s rising labor shortage in agricultural services. ZenaDrone plans to hire up to 30 people in the following months, with technical support, design and development, and sales and marketing positions. 


Features of the ZenaDrone 1000

The ZenaDrone 1000 is ZenaDrone Inc’s flagship product designed exclusively in-house. It comprises industrial and automated technology for monitoring, a high-definition camera for image and video capture, GPRS capabilities, and a carbon fiber shell covering for durability. Its long-lasting battery allows it to hover for a prolonged period, giving it a total flight time of 60 minutes.


Camera stabilization, a vertical take-off, and a landing mechanism are all possible with the Octocopter feature. It is a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle capable of recording 4K footage, scanning the plants for problems, high-resolution images in active and passive tracks, and tap flying for effortless complex shots. 


It is designed for versatile application in various industries, including farming. Other sectors that could benefit from this clever drone include roofing, construction, forestry, etc.

  •   Plant Disease Detection: ZenaDrone’s multispectral sensor can monitor plant health and potential concerns.
  •   Intelligent Flight Battery: ZenaDrone includes a built-in and long-lasting battery that allows for up to 60 minutes of continuous flying time.
  •   Automatic Charging: ZenaDrone 1000 has a wireless charging pad that automatically recognizes the source of electricity and charges in 60 minutes.
  •   VTOL Flight Mode: ZenaDrone’s VTOL flight mode allows it to hover steadily, take off, and land even in strong gusts, and it takes up less horizontal space to launch.
  •   Octocopter Drone: Eight propellers provide more lift, speed, and stability.
  •   Carbon Fiber Body:  For a long-lasting drone, the frame, body, and mounting plates consist of composite solid carbon fiber.

Leveraging UAV Technology for Business


Commercial drone technology, considered one of the most remarkable developments in recent decades, has a wide range of benefits across numerous industries and can even be utilized to increase job efficiency.


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), sometimes known as drones, revolutionize existing industries and open the new brand potential for businesses. Given the product’s rising popularity, it’s not surprising that drone usage has skyrocketed across the country and around the world.


ZenaDrone 1000 has you covered from planning to implementation!


#1 Agriculture


Drones can aid farmers in a variety of ways. Agriculture is an expansive area of opportunity for drone technology. Farmers may use drones to spot failing plants and take inventory of their crops. They can use it to map and examine farms and irrigation systems, among other things. These methods can tremendously assist farmers in understanding their farming operations and how to improve their systems’ efficiency and effectiveness.


Drones can assist speed up a variety of time-consuming projects in various circumstances. Farmers can use the ZenaDrone 1000 to spray insecticides, fertilizers, or water. It can be much cheaper than mini-crop dusters. The agriculture industry may also utilize drones to watch wildlife and swiftly collect and track data on their health and population.


#2 Delivery


One of the most well-known applications of this technology is drone-based delivery services. The retailing industry has used drones to deliver goods directly to your door in recent years.


ZenaDrone 1000 provides a fantastic chance for businesses to expand their reach into more rural locations where travel may be challenging.


#3 Golfing


Golf facilities can use drones to capture breathtaking images for marketing purposes. Thus, golfers can use it to scan the area with lesser effort. This technology has helped many serious golfers improve their game. Many coaches and professionals have used this technology to improve their own game and assist others in doing the same.


The capabilities of the ZenaDrone 1000 are limitless! Spectators might utilize it to watch games more engagingly without leaving their rooms.


Bottom Line


Drones used to be an unpopular idea, but as technology improved, they’ve proven essential as they were utilized in many industries to investigate the unexplored. As we move forward in the millennia, technology can assist us in gaining a greater understanding of many subjects and improve in various ways.


Whatever industry you belong to, the ZenaDrone 1000 makes it easy for your company to expand its horizons. 


Register to attend this event. Check out ZenaDrone 1000 and see it in action!

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