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New Perspectives with ZenaDrone 1000 Aerial Photography

One great thing about drones is that they let you take photos that only helicopters or planes could previously bring. Today, it’s not uncommon for photographers to use drones to take shots from different aerial perspectives.


However, not everyone can be a photographer, and with our skilled team, you don’t have to. ZenaDrone 1000 provides you with just what you need, whether you’re a photographer or a promoter looking to sell a property.


Not only does ZenaDrone 1000 have a high-definition camera, but it also has an extended battery life and 1TB of storage. To top it all off, it comes with a carbon-fiber body, ensuring that your drone will last a long time surveying scenery.

  • See different perspectives with high-definition cameras

The ZenaDrone 1000 comes with a 4K resolution camera, making it perfect for taking high-quality photos and videos.

In addition to that, it has an excellent lift and stability thanks to its four additional rotors and reinforced camera stabilizers. Whether you need photos for promotional or personal use, you never have to deal with blurry footage again.


  • Extended battery life gives you more footage per flight. 

A longer flight time means more beautiful photos and videos! The ZenaDrone 1000’s Li-Po battery gives it longer flight runs than other drones. With an extended and uninterrupted flight time, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to capturing footage.

Our drone operators can also help you with tips on how to take the best photos and videos. We ensure that you get the best services to match the product.


  • A durable carbon-fiber shell ensures longevity and extra protection.

Harsh weather conditions might be a problem for other drones, but not with ZenaDrone 1000.

Aside from the ZenaDrone being portable, its body is also fortified with a durable carbon-fiber shell. This shell allows the drone to work well in almost any environment and resist heat, humidity, and moisture.


Curious to see ZenaDrone in action? Contact us and start capturing those breathtaking views with ZenaDrone today!

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