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Cutting-edge Drone Surveying Solution

Our state-of-the-art aerial drone surveying services provide comprehensive mapping techniques that enhance efficiency, save money, and improve safety. We monitor, collect, and analyze aerial data for various industries.

Precise Measurements and Aerial Data in a Short Turnaround Time

ZenaDrone 1000 saves you from the rigorous preparation and planning of traditional surveying methods and provides you with accurate, comparative data in a much shorter period. It has intelligent machine learning software systems and multispectral sensors that detect beyond the visible spectrum providing critical field data insights. At the same time, you can track the progress of your approach with these particularly innovative multispectral UAV maps.

Superior land inspection with Autonomous Aerial Surveillance

No question flying a drone with ZenaDrone 1000’s fully automated monitoring and surveying feature with programmable flight routes and modes gives the controller a better view and understanding of land topography and situation.


Aside from accurate land survey information, it also supports personnel safety. Mapping takes time and resources, so investing in ZenaDrone 1000 can help your production save surveying costs without compromising the safety of workers.

Stabilized camera and 4K videos for a comprehensive sight

Capture high-quality images and vivid videos with ZenaDrone 1000’s clear-cut imaging and footage camera drone that provides you with an extensive range of sights.


Apart from on-demand images, it delivers better documentation essential for many industries.


Drone surveying produces quality aerial data quickly, profitable, and safe manner. With our intelligent drone technology, processing and collecting data, inspection is more efficient and convenient than ever.


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