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Thermal Imaging

ZenaDrone Thermal Scanning and Imaging

Drones have been part of various industries for many years. In most cases, drones help in filmmaking and surveillance. Hence, today, ZenaDrone 1000 offers thermal imaging features that simplify many surveillance and inspection activities.

What is thermal imaging?

Today, most drones have high-quality thermal cameras that can effectively translate heat-produced thermal energy into visible light to analyze surroundings. The thermal imaging of ZenaDrone 1000 produces blue to red lights for living things and mechanical equipment that put out heat, making them visible to thermal devices even in the dark.

Where To Use Thermal Imaging Drones

Residential Inspection

Aside from its aerial footage, ZenaDrone 1000 can provide surveys concerning moisture in the roof, which may cause more considerable devastation to properties. It helps the residential owner determine leakages and gives untidy electricity supply knowledge. Drones’ thermal imaging capabilities can see the exterior complications of a residential place. Through this, housekeepers can save money from maintenance.

Solar Panel Survey

Aside from the fact that drones can survey vast areas, thermal imaging of drones can see frequent intervals. ZenaDrone 1000 can monitor the solar field defects, particularly solar cells. Drones help solar energy companies to streamline inspections and provide utmost efficiency while saving a lot of money.

Flora and Fauna Thermal Scanning

Drones are not new to the industry of agriculture. Aside from using drones in crop monitoring, this also applies in sensing flora and fauna in vast forests with endangered wildlife. With the help of ZenaDrone 1000’s thermal imaging, farmers can detect the temperature in the area or animal. This inspection is often done before planting crops in agriculture, preserving forests, and conserving wildlife.


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