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Crop Insurance

Securing Crop Insurance Claims

With ZenaDrone 1000, farmers and insurers can increase the accuracy of evaluation for crop insurance. Innovative drone technology shortens the time duration of the process for proving claims. Collected drone data and imaging allow crop insurers and agents to guarantee that agricultural businesses can take help on time and when required.

Accelerated Imaging Process and Analysis

With ZenaDrone 4k camera and intelligent multispectral sensors, insurers and growers can now capture highly detailed imaging on time.


Instead of the traditional surveying that takes time and resources, the farmers can now deploy the drone and gather the data to prove the claim to the insurers. The insurers can also confirm any claims through drone imaging, which can present necessary data for assessments.

Supports Cost-effective Procedures

Using ZenaDrone 1000 for crop inspection for insurance also saves costs. Instead of using expensive aircraft or traditionally surveying the field requiring extensive labor; crop insurers can deploy drones, comprehend the crop situation, and distinguish the damaged or infected area. Utilizing ZenaDrone’s GPS feature crop insurers can locate contaminated or damaged areas after a catastrophe that may hinder gathering data.

Enhanced Assessment for Crop Loss Claim

ZenaDrone 1000 helps with efficient claim adjudication needed in formulating estimation and resolution for crop damage. Its stabilized camera imaging can produce well-detailed footage, while its multifunctional sensors help prove claims better and faster.

Crop insurers will have a time-efficient verification process of claims without compromising the inspection process. With ZenaDrone 1000, crop insurers can secure satisfaction and confidence.


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