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Pestilence Protection

Pestilence Protection

One of the plaguing problems of managing a fruit plantation is the presence of agricultural pests. Alongside farm science and technology development, drone use can help detect farming pestilence. 


Numerous species cause alarm to farmers because of their destructive capabilities jeopardizing fruit quality and harvest and translating to substantial capital losses. Detecting emerging agricultural problems is critical for farmers to address the problem immediately. 

Locate Diseased Crops and Fruit Trees in Real-Time

The ZenaDrone 1000 can be scheduled to conduct regular autonomous flight missions, capturing data accurately, vividly, and in real-time. With ZenaDrone, farmers can assess the status of crops and fruit trees and make decisive plans in securing food production.

Thanks to ZenaDrone’s intelligent sensors, machine learning AI, and 3D mapping capabilities, farmers can improve their crop management further. ZenaDrone also has a 4k resolution camera, ensuring that all images are crisp and highly detailed.

Monitor Field Conditions Regularly

Regular monitoring and inspection can be complex, especially for the agricultural sector. However, ZenaDrone allows for easier routine monitoring of large farm areas thanks to its combination of features.


Starting with software, ZenaDrone comes with machine-learning AI paired with intelligent sensors to detect heat, light, and depth. 


Meanwhile, the hardware features a carbon fiber body, four additional rotors, and extended battery life, allowing longer flight hours. By deploying the ZenaDrone 1000, farmers can monitor remote areas within minutes.

Count Plants and Trees Efficiently

Manual counting methods can be time-consuming for farmers, but ZenaDrone can go around this issue entirely. Its machine learning AI coupled with a high-definition camera can give you an accurate count with ease. 


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