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Warehousing and Inventory

Commercial Warehouses and Inventory

Manufacturers are managing thousands of products in their commercial warehouses and storage. Manually counting now and then can be highly inefficient. Moreover, locating a specific item can be tedious and time-consuming because of improper organization.


UAV technology has invaded the warehousing and inventory industry. ZenaDrone 1000 can help them optimize the supply chain and improve efficiency.

For Inventory Audit

Inventory processes are laborious tasks. In some cases, the staff is at risk of falling when they need to climb to check items in higher places. ZenaDrone 1000 can eliminate those problems and optimize the operation more efficiently.

The UAV can scan barcodes, RFID tags, QR codes, and texts. Additionally, it counts the items and compares them to the inventory system data. This makes your commercial warehouses more competitive, increases safety and improves efficiency.

For Cycle Counting

People’s cycle counting is expensive, erroneous, slow, dangerous, and labor-intensive. ZenaDrone 1000 can do the counting alone without interrupting the operation of the whole physical inventory. 

Commercial Warehouses For Stock Finding

Since all boxes look similar in warehouse. it is challenging to find a specific item with just a glance. ZenaDrone 1000 can help locate that item. With software integration, you can set up the UAV to find the exact item you are looking for by going through the warehouse scanning barcodes presented on the boxes quickly.

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