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3D Rendering and Property Tours

ZenaDrone 1000 consists of multispectral sensors, high-definition cameras, and machine learning software to create 3D maps and capture accurate aerial data on lands and terrains. It monitors and measures land for large-scale development projects. Its durable hardware components make it capable of performing critical tasks and assisting in prominent and busy industries like housing development, construction, and others requiring property management.


Here are multiple features in ZenaDrone that help in property management:

Geo-tagging & Marking

ZenaDrone 1000 captures high-resolution aerial images of the land. Users can subsequently transfer these images into data with coordinates and terrain features. As a result, third-party software can utilize the data to analyze the location for infrastructure projects. This feature helps identify specific points in the map from the images captured by the drone.

Precise Surveying and Measurements in Property Management

ZenaDrone 1000 provides accurate and authentic data when surveying the lands because it captures high-quality images in a short period, thanks to its ability to fly at tremendous speeds and extended periods of time. Several construction projects can simultaneously progress for busy companies with fast-paced timelines, boosting profits and saving costs.

 Remote Sensing of Properties

Multispectral sensors in the ZenaDrone 1000 can monitor and measure thermal heat, lighting, and depth of objects along its navigational path. It helps property developers design and build structures suitable to specific topography and locations. This integrated sensor is ZenaDrone’s prime feature as it allows industries to reduce overhead costs when surveying and managing real properties.

Height and Depth Measurement

ZenaDrone can measure heights and depths with accuracy. These measurements help field technicians make better decisions in material selection when repairing and maintaining industrial structures, including towering buildings, manufacturing plants, or power grids.

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